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The product range is extensive and everything is produced in-house with modern facilities, but respecting the traditional recipes

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  • Extra virgin olive oil

    For a fortuitous combination my grandfather Giovanni Ferrari (the founder of peasant origin) was born in one of the best areas of Liguria for oliveoil production. The land owned by the company are in this area that was once known as the "valley of gold" to mean the quality of the oil produced. This area is about 15 km from the sea and is at an altitude of about 300 meters. The oil produced in these areas has unique characteristics thanks to the very favorable climatic conditions and the almost exclusive presence of cultivar Taggiasca; add to this that the company Ferrari provides the selection of olives in order to have them healthy and perfectly ripe. The decisive factor is the crushing system carried out with the traditional systems and with the olive just collected and subjected to simple pressure. The oil pressure is the beginning of better quality and is called "first pressed" or "cold pressing".

  • Flavoured Oils

    The scent and flavor of these oils are obtained by slow cold maceration in olive oil with herbs, spices, mushrooms or truffles, it is testimony to the delicacy of the flavors are released upon opening of the package and that will end on your dishes.

  • Appetizers

    Our appetizers are made with fresh vegetables that ripen in the field. Harvesting is done with conventional systems in order to select the product at an early stage. The cleaning operations are made by hand and the same applies to the subsequent stages of cutting. The product is made according to the best manufacturing practices as only an expert cook could do.

  • Traditional Pasta

    And here is the traditional tajarin pasta realized still with the cutting action and not by extrusion (such as in the industrial productions) so as to maintain the characteristics of a time when the sheet was cut by hand. The dough is extruded with the extruder slowly to bronze to guarantee the correct roughness to the pasta. After the noodels are placed by hand to dry on the barrels, where they rest for 15-18 hours accompanied by a moderate heat.
    We use only Italian semolina; feel the difference, we are confident that you will return.

  • Rice and polenta

    Carnaroli rice already made in the variants truffle or mushroom.
    In a few minutes (following the instructions) you will have the fragrant risotto only adding water to cook. The variety of rice Carnaroli is a favorite of chefs, because it is particularly rich in starch with great resistance to cooking.

    The polenta also is already prepared with the truffle; Take a few minutes of cooking by following the instructions and you'll have easily a fragrant polenta. Our polenta is made by grinding precious corn glassy and is distinguished by the color gold.

  • Condiments and sauces

    This section shows the dual origin of the Ferrari family who has Ligurian tradition for the father Mariano, and has traditions of Piedmont for the mother Maria. We have so condiments typical of Liguria such as pesto and olive paste and sauces with tomato and basil or alternative products such as traditional Piedmontese like bagna cauda or sauces with mushrooms or Porro Cervere.

  • Creams

    In this section you will find the product of the Alba territory par excellence: TRUFFLE, for years an ambassador of the Langhe with fans worldwide. We use only gouged truffles in the Langhe that we work with the wisdom of three generations. Particularly cheese spreads are the result of years of research to produce creams that can be used raw or egg on toast or mixed with oil and coated on peppers baked. And then you have to try these creams on a plate of pasta and then tell me...

  • Tume oil

    The most typical local product in the Langhe high country is its cheese, well known under the names of Robiola and Toma. The main feature is the colour which must be milk white, and the density which must be soft. The form must be round with no skin. Our cheeses are preserved in attractive glass jars in our own olive oil, essential for PRESERVING the cheese and to give it the characteristic soft texture.
    We manufacture the cheese in some variations with the addition of truffles, Chives, mushroom, leek Cervere etc. that way you get a combination that gives the cheese new flavors, all to try

    RECIPE: Our cheeses are ready to eat straight from the jar. Serve with a salad and a good bottle of wine.

  • Cugnà and jams

    In this section we have both tradition and innovative cuisine. We have the "cugnà" typical product of Piedmont with origins in poor cuisine that put together what was available in September before the cold winters of Piedmont. The cooking of the must of grapes and pears tooked place over low heat on "putagè" (stove with oven function) for several hours until obtain a jam bittersweet who usually was eaten with polenta. We then the jams of more recent origin made with leeks, peppers etc. We suggest both jams and Cugnà with pairing cheese or boiled meat.

  • Honey

    Produced in Alta Langa. The hives are placed in isolated areas neighboring to villages: Bonvicino and Somano. Pale yellow and soft spreadable honey is an easy match for the delicate flavor that makes it the most natural sweetener for milk and tea . We also have a truffle variant for pairing with cheese tasty.

  • Hazelnuts IGP

    The varieties grown in Piedmont is the “ Tonda Gentile Trilobata”. Whose production is concentrated in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, in a distribution area between the hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. The denomination IGP guarantees the quality and authenticity of the product.
    The company owns land dedicated to hazelnut in Dogliani, village in Langhe hills
    The hazelnut is rich in unsaturated fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. This is the reason Why its regular consumption is generally associated with a reduction in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and a decreased cardiovascular disease risk.

  • Truffles

    Truffles from Alba are the most famous symbol of gastronomical refinement in the Langhe region.

    The aroma is unmistakeable, intense and penetrating. The "good" places for gathering truffles are kept jealouslysecret: no "trifolau" (truffle gatherer) would ever let another known the exact location where he found his truffles and only his faithful dog knows the location. But the dod is only permitted to go with his master and only at night when the dog well-trained sense of smell for truffle hunting is at its best.

    USE: fine slices on top of pasta, the fried egg, finely slice raw meat, or fondue.

    CONSERVATION: keep it in a cool dry place away from direct light, after opening we recommend eating it within 2/3 days.

    EXPIRY: 24 months.

  • Wellness line

    Our wellness line:

    • fusilli whole durum wheat
    • fusilli Enkir cereal